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New Chapter. Send it. #fullsend.

What's up world?! HAPPY MONDAY!

As I strengthen my online presence I seek to establish my identity as a fitness writer/blogger. My head is filled with TONS of ideas and information, so this will be one outlet for me to put my knowledge and ideas out there. PLUS I get tons of questions every week about fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle...both from athletes and from this will help me answer more questions for the masses!

(If you have questions/suggestions for blog posts please feel free to send them over! Send it!)

For post #1: "Walk the Talk". My life mantra. What does it mean?

The first part of "Walk the Talk" (which I won't get in to too much in this post...I'll save it for another one!):

Speak your desires in to existence. Don't keep them a secret or bottled up. There's A LOT of evidence supporting the power of visualization, vocalization, and manifesting your dreams (IE the law of attraction). Speak them out loud to yourself, during prayer and meditation to God or whatever higher power you believe in, to your spouse or partner, parents, siblings, loved ones, homies, WHOEVER. Just speak it. And speak about what it is going to take to achieve said desires.

The second part of "Walk the Talk" (which I WILL get in to):

Short, sweet, and to the point: Do what you say you're going to do!

SO many people know what to do to get what they truly want. THEY KNOW IT. They know what they need to eat/drink (or not eat/drink), how much to work out, the amount of sleep they need, how many video games to play/not play, and other lifestyle habits that will direct them toward their ultimate goal. They speak about it to their friends and loved ones, and the self-talk in their head is clear and direct.

Yet the action is where most people fail. Tasty treats become a regular part of the diet. TV shows start to take precedence over reading and learning. The couch wins over the elliptical machine and weights. Scrolling through social media occupies more time than mastering your craft. People proudly know more about (INSERT ANY POP ICON) than they do about what a macro-nutrient is or how it fits in their diet.

Take this opportunity to reset your intentions and reset your vision.

IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED YOU HAVE TO WALK THE TALK. You HAVE to learn to align your habits with your vision (and talk). Fitness, job, relationships, lifestyle....whatever your goal pertains to....ACTION is the only thing that will get you there. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time. WALKING THE TALK.

It all starts with awareness. First, be clear with what your goal is. Then identify:

1. In what areas are you not walking the talk?

2. What is causing you to not walk the walk?

3. How can you eliminate, change, or reframe that variable today?

You CAN do it.

Keep Grindin'.

Walk the Talk.

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