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A moment that changed me

"If you're the smartest, hardest working, and best person in the're in the wrong room."

Flashback to last year when I met Andy Frisella and saw the truth about 1st Phorm.

I had followed him on social media and podcasts for about 7 months. Knowing my passion for fitness, serving others, personal development, and building my brand - my sports psychologist, Shae McNamara, suggested I look in to his work.

I started with his podcast - The MFCEO podcast. In it he describes his journey as an entrepreneur, and lays out the ideals, principles, and actions that allowed him to grow 1st Phorm and his 6 other companies from $0 to doing around $200 million a year.

He describes the core values that got him and his businesses where they are today. Loyalty, lead by example, go the extra mile, stay humble, be disciplined, accept responsibility, take initiative, build positive and fun relationships, always be learning, be selfless, be enthusiastic, believe.

His words and messages resonated with soul… OF COURSE I looked more in to 1st Phorm. I bought a few of their products (pre workout and protein…because I'm a BRO), and I started following their social media and some of their Sponsored Athletes.

I remember thinking "this culture is too good to be true….seems like some smoke and mirrors". But nonetheless, the protein tasted INCREDIBLE, and the pre workout was awesome….so I continued on as a customer for a few months.

Then I went to Summer Smash (an event they host each year to bring together people from inside and outside of the company to network and celebrate life!). And I met Andy, and his brother Sal, and I met some of the athletes, and guys from HQ, legionnaires, and other customers.

The energy of the weekend is like none I've ever encountered. HIGH energy, enthusiastic, encouraging, loving, supportive, fun-filled people EVERYWHERE.

Literally the best type of people!!!

The type of people who CRUSHED their workouts in the morning, partied and drank and had a great time all afternoon and evening, and then cleaned up after themselves when it was all over.

Now all I could think was "ok…this is pretty real…how can I become a part of this culture?!?!?! ASAP!"

The defining moment was after one of the events -- the 5K run. I finished 3rd place and was excited to sit and mingle and bask in my great finish!!

But then I noticed other people finishing their runs………and then immediately turning around and running back out and down the course.

I remember thinking "where are they going…what now?".

Then, a little later, I saw each of them returning….one by one……each with someone else…someone who was struggling to finish the run. They had each run back to support the people in the back of the run, and give them someone to run with to the finish line.

I froze.

I realized, in that moment, that I could be better. That I could serve others better. And that I was surrounded not by similar people….but by BETTER people (in one way or another) than me. And those are the best kind of people to be around…because they force you to level up.

I'll never forget that moment. And I'll ALWAYS try to build my brand and companies with the same type of people.

And THAT is why I want to be a part of 1st Phorm.

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