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Nutrition Tools

Eat to nourish that beautiful body of yours.

Food is fuel.

Food is medicine.

Food is the source of growth.

When I began my pursuit of fitness I was highly focused on exercise. As I continue my journey, though, I have shifted my focus to nutrition. It turns out what you put in your body has a much greater affect on overall wellness than any other factor (weight lifting, cardio, and lifestyle habits). Yes, you need balance in all other ends of the spectrum, but everything starts with the food you eat.

I've learned to not only focus on the quantity of food, but also the quality. Healthy carbs vs unhealthy carbs, recommended fruit and veggie intake levels, processed food vs whole food, complete proteins vs incomplete proteins. These factors and others are just as important as calories in vs calories out.


Here you'll find the best resources and tools I've found!

You Are What You Eat


(Really, though)

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