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Personal training reviews and testimonials from Acosta Fitness clients.

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Nicole P.

Personal training face to face

Testimonial coming soon...

John B.

Elite Coaching via mobile app

"Don't even know where to begin with this one. But I do know the journey has just begun. Have to give one of the biggest shout-outs to my homie/brother/friend/trainer/advisor and most importantly, one of the greatest humans I've had the pleasure of knowing for some time @Acostafitness. Robert and I go back to 2013 and the Rochester Lancers @rlancers. Robert was one of the players on the team and I had been an intern in the front office still playing college ball. From the time we crossed paths, I knew that was only the beginning of our friendship. Couldn't be more grateful for the guidance/lending ear/support through this process. Greatest part of it all is it has just begun. Can't wait to see what the future holds. Cheers to Year 1 and lifetime to go."


Luis Z.

Elite Coaching via mobile app


"You have to take control and walk the talk! My name is Luis Zamora and I just completed the 8-week challenge under the guidance of my coach Rob Acosta.  I was finally able to reach my goal of loosing 20 pounds and gaining the knowledge to continue a healthier lifestyle.


For quiet sometime, I was the type to always watch fitness videos and thought to myself how easy others made it look. But I never truly put the work in and dedicated myself to any challenge.  I won't lie, I definitely hesitated this time around as well.  But mentally, I knew what I wanted and I took a deep dive into this challenge at all cost.


It was not easy! But the main reason why is because excuses presented themselves on the daily as to why it was easier to stop.  Whether it was a rainy day, or the lack of a "home gym".  I faced these all the time, but my will to continue outweighed the outside factors trying to make me stop.


Working with Rob was the push, motivation and example that drove my successful completion of this challenge. The daily team announcements, weekly video calls and most importantly the personalized HONEST feedback were important stepping stones for me.  It is important for me to say that Rob provided me with the right tools and mindset for me to be an example.  An example to my friends and family of what determination can achieve. I am forever grateful to Coach Rob and 1st Phorm for guiding me through this process, and even though the 8-week challenge is complete, I now have a new goal insight that I can build on this major win.


Thanks Rob for everything brotha."

Adis D.

Personal training face to face

Testimonial coming soon...

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